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My mom’s Death

In 2006 my mother was murdered. At 83, she was stabbed to death in her very secure condo near Los Angeles.

As I was making plans to fly to Los Angeles the day I learned of my mothers death Marcie “happened” to call. I told her what had happened and she said perhaps she could help, as she had been trained in working with death. She said she would try to reach my mother, and that people who have been murdered often do not know they are dead. I was in shock already and quite upset, but even so, I was surprised by her assurance. We hung up and I went back to getting ready to fly to LA.

Several hours later Marcia called and told me she had reached my mother who infact did not know she was dead. Marcia helped her get out of her body and directed to her to the light, as Marcia described to me.

Several years later I had an opportunity to talk with a psychic and I asked her about my mother. She told me that my mother was fine after someone kindly came to tell my mother she was dead and helped her to get out of her body. (I told the psychic nothing about Marcia.)

Marcia is very intuitive and in touch with her higher self. I recommend her as a wise, trustworthy counselor and healing resourse. She is also so warm and generous. The interaction I have described above made such an enormous difference to me. It provided great solace as well as confirming again the mystery of life and death and how much we do not know about what happens when a soul transitions.

Diana Davis

San Anselmo Ca


Chakra Healing

Marcie Hughes is a blessed, and her healing intuition is accurate. I had been dealing with an energy block for quuite some time that was very physically painful. I had also been dealingwith an energy block in the left part of my solar plexusfor quite some time. I had also been dealing withan overall sensation of being blocked in my heart and lost in my head.

After putting her hands under my head for a while, she went straight to the block by my solar plexus and descirbed the tar- like energy she was removing. The relief was tremendous! After she worked on my chest area for a while I found myself take my first deep breath without resistance in over a year. She also gave me a few unique messages that have helped me to continue to heal myself: I needed to dance more, laugh more, connect with Mother Earth more and forgive myself. The feelings of gratitude and heart-mind connection that this healing facillitated have been indescribably helpful in my journey and they have only increased since then. Marcia’s healing is no subtle reiki-like treatment, It is a comprehensive spiritual fine-tuning that will leave you thanking God for bringing you to her!

Ney Grant UCSC senior


Psychic Phone Consult/Healing 

Dear Marcia,

i just wanted to write to you because ever since my reading I have been inclined to do so! I can’t tell you how glad I am to have come across your website, or how much our phone conversation has changed my perspective on my relationship with my father. The chance to have a different lens to look at this is invaluable, and potentially could be one of my last opportunities for healing. [ Mary’s father is dying.] I also wanted to thank you for helping me realize my potential and get me back to writing. I often doubt my abilities and intelligence, and fear that I am going to look back on my life one day wondering if it’s what I really wanted. You made me realize that any opportunity that is meant for me will be mine and the hard work does pay off ( even when it doesn’t feels as though it is.) needless to say the past few days I’ve been extremely emotional, which I admit makes me somewhat uncomfortable although I know it is necessary. I am going to try and not live something that hasn’t yet happened (my fathers passing) and instead, pour all my energy into taking care of myself and trusting God.

In short, I am so grateful to have received your guidance, and look forward to future conversations.


Mary Smith